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applications and rasterbations and masterbations

Basic Info:
Sexual Orientation:Gay
Shoe size:91/2
Medium(s) of preference:xerox,acetate,china marker,plastic nylon table cloths,laser prints,digital photography,acrylic paint,foamcore,and sharpies
Artistic influences (if any): The Starn Twins, Gilbert and Gearge, Jeff Koons, Bruce Nauman, Cindy Sherman,phyllis Diller, Mister Danny Geisler, Franco Mondini Ruiz,Laurie Anderson
Where you from:Mason Tx

Your Top 6
Places to visit:
Munich, The Isle of Man, New Zealand, Hollywood, Boston, and Iceland
Places to eat:The Rainbow Room, The Fairmount Hotel, Kim Hung asian market, La Fendee
Things to eat: Chocolate, Curry, Mint Chutney, Potatoe and Egg Tacos, brocolli, Hummus
Bands Human League,Mount Sims,Cocteau Twins,Julee Cruise,Siouxsie and the banshees,Miss Kitten
Artists (in any medium; ie., photography, prose, installation, etc.)Thomas Freidman, Bruce La Bruce, leigh Bowwery, Jeff Koons, Kenneth Anger, Damien Hurst
Fashion Designers-I'll pass, not really into fashion designers, I like the adds more than the clothes or the designers-ok,ok john galliano whatever.

Other questions about you
Please describe yourself in under a paragraph:I smoke too much, I'm a Vegetarian, Queer supremicist, usualy tired, poor, desperate, lonely,pathetic but optomistic...I'm like a stinky rag that tells jokes and does magic tricks and musical numbers..
Do you have any goals for the future? I think I want to become a Buddhist monk....and I'm not kidding.
Why do you think of yourself as a creative person?
Oh I don't know, People have a habit of telling me this, even though I insist that my only skill is typing 60wpm....one thing I can do is get a job.

Random Questions
What are your feelings on Bright Eyes? They are pretty
Have you ever been to Riverside?Nope
San Francisco?Nope
What is art?Thats a loaded question and very subjective the only thing I can offer would be an opinion that ultimatly would not even scratch the surface. There is no factual way to answer that. Considering context plays such a major role as far the environment an object is situated in and also who is viewing it....any thing could be art...even a dog turd, if it was done right.
Is art dead? No, Thats like asking "is water dead"?
and technically water is dead, on the other hand it is a dynamic substance with increadible versatility and can incompas vast varieties of life.
Do you think the gays should be allowed to get married?Ofcourse...who do you think your talking too? I would like to maybe get married one day.
Is Morrissey gay or asexual? I don't know, thats a hard one as "headmaster ritual" plays on my stereo...I think he's Gay...atleast I hope he is. I used to have a Huge crush on him in high school and still do a little bit now.
Excuse me, I feel kind of dumb but I'm not sure how to post images here....I know terrible...Tell me how to do that and i will...
Please submit 3 pictures of yourself and any number of images of your work (but no more that 600!!!). Please be sure that they are originals; that it is YOUR artwork. (Although appropriation is allowed, but it must be explained). Feel free to label or comment on your images. Please use an LJ-cut for your application. And most importantly, have fun!!! And be creative!
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