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creativepeople's Journal

you dont need eyes to see what we are about.
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Hi & welcome to creative people, a rating community moderated by fudge_nugget, feds01,dianatron and disco_sucks

The purpose of this community is to showcase any type of "creative" work. This IS a RATING community. You will be judged by your submissions. Make it your best. Once approved you will be able to vote on submissions of others. Also approved members are welcomed to use this as a discussion forum & share ideas with others.

In order to become a voting member of the community, join and post photos of your "art," a few photos will suffice, unless you are asked for more. This is all about self expression and creativity, the more unique the better.

If we like what we see, you're in.

If you are not approved, feel free to browse... and/or reapply with better quality work (if you're lame stay away!)

Please don't post, or comment on other posts, until you are an approved member.

In your application, please only submit photos of work you have actually created.

--------------------Here is the application!-------------

Application to join creativepeople

Basic Info:
Sexual Orientation:
Shoe size:
Medium(s) of preference:
Artistic influences (if any):
Where you from:

Your Top 6
Places to visit:
Places to eat:
Things to eat:
Artists (in any medium; ie., photography, prose, installation, etc.)
Fashion Designers

Other questions about you
Please describe yourself in under a paragraph:
Do you have any goals for the future?
Why do you think of yourself as a creative person?

Random Questions
What are your feelings on Bright Eyes?
Have you ever been to Riverside?
San Francisco?
What is art?
Is art dead?
Do you think the gays should be allowed to get married?
Is Morrissey gay or asexual?

Please submit 3 pictures of yourself and any number of images of your work (but no more that 600!!!). Please be sure that they are originals; that it is YOUR artwork. (Although appropriation is allowed, but it must be explained). Feel free to label or comment on your images. Please use an LJ-cut for your application. And most importantly, have fun!!! And be creative!

--------------/end application