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Sexual Orientation: FTM trans, mainly like women and trans boys so i guess that makes me queer?! lol
Shoe size: 10 (mahooosive)
Medium(s) of preference: photography mostly
Artistic influences (if any): humsel... oddness.. mostly wierdness i see around
Where you from: uk, brighton

Your Top 6
Places to visit: amazon,new york, mongolia
Places to eat:
Things to eat: nooodles!
Artists (in any medium; ie., photography, prose, installation, etc.) , urm these arent mine, there the kinda things i like :)

Fashion Designers

Other questions about you
Please describe yourself in under a paragraph: different.
student in brighton uk.
Do you have any goals for the future? future.. the who??
Why do you think of yourself as a creative person? because id be taking pics, writing, and drawing even if there was no one to see it (tear roles down cheek.. oh the melodrama)

Random Questions
What are your feelings on Bright Eyes? urm.. no. sorry.
Have you ever been to Riverside? exspain... rivserside??
San Francisco? *jumps up and down* yes please!
What is art? ideas on paper
Is art dead? nah..if it was it would be a dramatic death = art anyway :D
Do you think the gays should be allowed to get married? never! all those sinfull ppl! (urm.. yes, that would be nice)
Is Morrissey gay or asexual? gaaaay.. or possibaly gender-queer ish.. all the best ppl are ;)

Please submit 3 pictures of yourself only have one.. sorry and its a bit old.. i look kinda more girly than i do right now

and any number of images of your work (but no more that 600!!!).

Please be sure that they are originals; that it is YOUR artwork. (Although appropriation is allowed, but it must be explained). Feel free to label or comment on your images. Please use an LJ-cut for your application. And most importantly, have fun!!! And be creative!

--------------/end application only have one.. sorry and its a bit old.. i look kinda more girly than i do
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