Baby Cat (frankaziod) wrote in creativepeople,
Baby Cat

Can i come in?

Basic Info:
Sexual Orientation:i like the boys and i like the girls! mostly boys ..wait just boys!
Shoe size:10
Medium(s) of preference:
Artistic influences (if any): Jaime jesus jr.
Where you from:Riverside

Your Top 6
Places to visit: le beach
Places to eat:denny's tapatio market
Things to eat:anything deep fried 
Bands blah blah........
Artists (in any medium; ie., photography, prose, installation, etc.)
Fashion Designers skinny parrot

Other questions about you
Please describe yourself in under a paragraph:nasty
Do you have any goals for the future? become a housewife/popstar
Why do you think of yourself as a creative person? duh! i can creat things

Random Questions
What are your feelings on Bright Eyes?cheap
Have you ever been to Riverside?once
San Francisco?twice
What is art?a form of expression
Is art dead?it could be
Do you think the gays should be allowed to get married?hell no why should they have = rights?
Is Morrissey gay or asexual? dont care
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